We produce custom Rubber Rings according to our client specification. The basis of our assortment are sealing rings for Cleanwell thread protectors. Our size range is from 3 1/2″ to 13 3/8″ corresponding to the thread protector size. On demand we can design and develop any shape of Rubber Ring in mentioned diameters. According to the ordered quantity is chosen appropriate mould and production method to keep the price as low as possible. Type of the rubber and the hardness depends on the rings application and their working conditions. Standard color is black.

Rubber Rings for Cleanwell Protectors

Pipe Diameter Ring Diameter Ring Lenght Ring Weight Ring Material
3 1/2″ 103 mm 17 mm 36 g Rubber
4 1/2″ 46 g Rubber
5″ 54 g Rubber
5 1/2″ 58 g Rubber
6 5/8″ 74 g Rubber
7″ 92 g Rubber
7 5/8″ 99 g Rubber
9 5/8″ 115 g Rubber
13 3/8″ 154 g Rubber